Architectural Photography Using Drones June 8, 2017

Drones Add A New Perspective to Architectural Photography

Architectural photography presents a building, complex or community in a visually pleasing but realistic way. The use of drones to capture imagery of these subjects adds a new architectural photography dronesperspective. Traditional architectural photography was ground based. Head on, looking up, maybe from a crane. Using a variety of perspective controls may have presented buildings in an interesting angle. However, the one truth, each image was shot from a camera rooted to the ground.

Traditional methods of ground photography can create amazing results and methods such as perspective control and tilt-shift lenses may work, but they can require a lot more post processing. Drones bring an certain efficiency to a photo-shoot. They are able to move from angle to angle, elevation to elevation, and are agile enough to get the most appealing shot, and do it less time. Despite differences between shooting from the ground and shooting from the air there are still constants in architectural photography that require a trained eye including lighting, time of day and the vision to identify the best way to represent what you are shooting.architectural photography drones

Drones equipped for high-end photography are taking the highest resolution images. On board you will find the latest in camera technology including, Micro 4/3 cameras capable of shooting 5K (that’s right 4K is already headed for the rear view) and 20MP RAW still images. Imaging software has grown alongside photography hardware. Images shot can now be transformed into high resolution 2D orthomosaic maps and 3D models.

Image in Flight Provides High Quality Imagery

As a commercial operator; Image in Flight provides many services including architectural imaging, 2D/3D mapping, 3D models, capture progress videos for construction companies andarchitectural photography drones provides consultation to companies who own drones but want to expand how they use them by adding UAS’s to their tool box.  Image in Flight was one of the first companies to receive a 333 exemption to operate drones commercially and now all of our pilots are licensed and missions are flown under FAA PART 107, and all of our drones are registered with the FAA.

If you are looking to have your architectural photos or videos edited into a high quality video we offer post production editing services. Image in Flight has worked with Discovery Channel, BBC, Nokia, Cirque De Soleil, Golden 1 Center and looks forward to working with you. 

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The process of working with an architectural photographer using drones begins with an inquiry email or phone call at (916) 599-8648. Visit our FAQ Page for more information.

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