commercial drone training

Commercial Drone Training June 20, 2017

Commercial Drone Training

commercial drone training

Many businesses have recognized or are considering the value of adding sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial Systems) “drones” to their company.   Drones have been used in Real Estate for several years now, but this technology is branching out in all directions.  From constriction and agriculture to inspection and research, drones are becoming one of the most valuable tools in many companies arsenal.

So the question is, how do you get started?  Or if your company already has a drone, how does your team maximize it as a tool; and not just fly it as an expensive toy that takes pretty pictures from the sky.  There are many questions I’m sure you have (“Which drone is right for my company?”, “Where do I purchase it from?”, “How do I learn to fly it…?”), but what about the questions that you may not have thought of (“How much insurance do I need?” or “Where do I get insurance from?” ,”What do I need to know to be a commercial drone operator?”, “How do I follow FAA regulations?”, “How do I ensure my drone stays up to date and safe…?”).

When properly integrated, drones can safely and efficiently provide your team with actionable information that will increase your bottom line.  But if your company starts using drones without a plan, you may not only be wasting time and money; you may open your organization up to operational and legal issues.

Image In Flight is here to help you create a customized plan to integrate drones into your business. Areas that our training covers are:commercial drone training

Before you leave the ground:

  • Identifying the departments in your organization that could benefit from using this new tool
  • Choosing the correct drone to meet those needs
  • What equipment do you need to support your new drone (Spare parts, device to operate, carrying case…)
  • Choosing the right department or person to manage the drone
  • What is the best way to train your pilot(s) to pass the FAA PART 107 test?  This is required to operate drones for commercial purposes
  • What is the best way to train your pilot(s) to safely fly the drone
  • How much insurance do you need
  • Process to track drone usage, maintenance, battery cycles, firmware status, current drone regulations
  • Create preflight checklist

After you purchase or if you already own a drone:

  • Identify safe and legal places to practice flying your drone
  • Introduction to resources that can be used to confirm airspace restrictions
  • Introduction to flying your drone safely
  • Emergency procedures and maneuvers
  • Learning to use the correct software for the job.  There are many software options to help you turn your drone into a powerful tool

After you are up and flying:commercial drone training

  • Consulting on future purchases or upgrades of both hardware and software
  • Training of additional pilots
  • Updates on major regulation changes

If you are going to be operating in a single area, a town, or region, an on-site commercial drone training consultant is the best way to go. This consultant will act as a coach and mentor starting from flight basics and working with the pilots to master their flight areas. Advice on future hardware, software, and technical issues are often another valuable benefit from having a relationship with drone consultant.

Image in Flight offers commercial drone training for companies that are either just starting their drone/UAV programs or want to improve their flight performance and results. We provide on-site expertise so that your staff is learning in the environment that they work in. Contact us today to start setting up your personalized training.

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