Drone Mapping in Construction January 10, 2017

In construction, efficiency is key. That is why drone mapping in construction companies is becoming a necessity. Many companies hire drones to keep their projects on track, under budget and running more efficiently.

Drone flyovers show more data points which allows more communication across a construction site. So,they are the eyes and ears for your project.

Image In Flight - Drone mapping in construction

Quicker survey times

Drones are small and agile this allows them to move across a construction site in a quick and safe manner. This can be an improvement over other survey technology which can be cumbersome to move and set up, and helicopters, which cannot fly as low and are more expensive.

With each survey you are given a comprehensive look at your entire construction site. As a result you can see what is on track, what is not working and where you can be more efficient.

More accurate Data

Drone technology is improving almost daily. The cameras are more accurate and the software used to process the data is steadily improving. As a result of this improved technology you can see progress in real time and you can have accurate 2D and 3D models of your project.

These models provide you a comparison point that keeps your project exactly where you want it to be.

Better Safety

Drones have the agility to inspect hard to reach places that would be costly or dangerous for individuals or other survey technology to go. They can confirm placement, depth and even create a timeline of the project that allows you to review the status of the sight at points in history. For example, if you need to excavate to repair or replace a pipe, the drone footage can show you exactly where the pipe was buried use GPS tagged images. Improving your site safety while saving you time and money down the road.

Image In Flight aerial drones are the best way to keep your construction project on track. Site surveys together with on the job progress tracking allow our UAV’s to generate images, maps, 2D and 3D models from the first land survey to the final handoff to the customer.

Heather Emerson-Smith


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