How to Register your Drone in 5 Clicks January 20, 2016

If you are an individual owner or a Business looking to register your drone you must fill out the appropriate paperwork to register your drone. If you fly it register your droneunregistered you may face serious consequences and fines.

If your drone is between 0.55 lbs and 55 lbs it is considered a sUAS.
If your drone is above 55 lbs it is considered a UA which requires a you to submit paperwork to the Aircraft Registration Branch

Definitions: These definitions were copied directly from the FAA Government website. For more information look here.

  • Unmanned Aircraft (UA) – means an aircraft operated without the possibility of direct human intervention from within or on the aircraft.
  • Small Unmanned Aircraft (sUA) – means an unmanned aircraft weighing less than 55 pounds on takeoff, including everything that is onboard or attached to the aircraft.
  • Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) – means a small unmanned aircraft and its associated elements (including communication links and the components that control the small unmanned aircraft) that are required for the safe and efficient operation of the small unmanned aircraft in the national airspace system.


Aircraft Eligibility: An unmanned aircraft is eligible for registration if it meets the following criteria:

  • It is owned by a citizen of the United States
  • It is owned by a foreign citizen who is lawfully admitted for permanent residence
  • It is owned by a Corporation of the United States that will use the UV primarily in the U.S.
  • It is owned by a government unit of the United States
  • It is not registered under any foreign Country

Submit your registration papers to:

Aircraft Registration Branch

How to Register a UA: A new UA is one that arrives new in the box that has not been registered with anyone else.

To register your aircraft you need the following:

  • A completed Aircraft Registration Application, AC Form 8050-1
  • Click here for more information if you are a LLC trying to register a UA
  • Documents providing proof of ownership
  • Confirmation that the UA is not registered in a foreign country
  • An N-Number that is assigned to the aircraft
  • A description of the UA
    • Full Legal Name of UA Manufacturer or Builder
    • UA Model Designation
    • UA Serial Number
    • Class (Airplane, Airship, Rotorcraft, Gyroplane, Ducted Fan)
    • UA Maximum Takeoff Weight
    • Category (Land, Sea, or Both)
    • Name of Engine Manufacturer
    • Engine Model Designation
    • Engine Serial-Numbers (If none shown, enter ‘none’)
    • Number of Engines
    • Engine Power Output (Given in HP or Lbs. Thrust)
    • Engine Type (2 or 4 Cycle Reciprocating, Electric,
    • Turbo – Fan/Prop/Shaft/Jet)
  • A $5 registration fee

Send your registration documents to the Aircraft Registration Branch

Renewing your UA: You can renew your UA on the UA Registration website . Even if you have multiple drones you only need one account per owner.

The website will be ready for commercial registration on March 31st 2016.

You need to renew your N-Number every 3 years. As of right now the cost of renewal is $10.

Take the time to register your drones properly. The paperwork may seem tedious now, but come March it will be a much simpler process. If you are a business take extra care when reading the registration documents.

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