Insurance Companies and Drones are a Match Made in Safety Heaven April 12, 2017

Insurance companies are taking advantage of technology in a whole new way. Insurance adjusters don’t seem like daredevils, but often an adjustor will have to climb onto roofs or into trees to inspect, and analyze, individual claims. That’s why insurance companies and drones are a match made in safety heaven.

Drones are becoming important tools for many businesses including construction and real estate companies, insurance companies are also seeing the benefits of adding drones to their team.


Drones can now aid insurance adjusters. Instead of climbing a ladder up to a steep roof to do an inspection the adjuster can now send a drone to quickly and efficiently capture a video or multiple images of the incident. The images can also be converted to 3D visualizations to help asses the damage.


Not only are drones improving safety in collecting claims data, but they can also be more efficient. The time spent documenting a claim is cut way down, this saves everyone money and allows for more cases to be documented over the course of a day.

Insurance companies can request a drone inspection of a location and have the data as soon as the next day.

Beyond individual claims, drones could also easily be sent out on missions when large scale disasters, like floods or hurricanes, occur. Often after a large disaster adjustors are working overtime to get to claim sites, drones could easily cover large areas at a time saving insurance companies, and adjustors, hundreds of hours of work.

They would also be able to investigate hazardous areas that adjustors could not access.

Drone use by insurance companies is a growing industry with a projected growth of over $6.8 Billion over the next few years.

Heather Emerson-Smith


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