Meet the Newest Member of the Image In Flight Team December 8, 2016

Introducing “Drone Whip” the newest member of the Image in Flight Team.

Image In Flight - Drone whip - Van

Image in flight has a new member! Well a new tech member that is.

Please welcome our new Dodge Pro Master City Van which will be known as “The Drone Whip”.  It was purchased this past July, and will now allow Image in Flight to work longer, and do more in a single day.


The Drone Whip was as a way to expand the geographical and technological reach of Image In Flight.  It took about a month to get it upfitted with racks and mobil power and wrapped with the Image in Flight logo. It is now officially on for the road.

Image In Flight - Drone Whip

As an aerial photography and videography company it is essential not only that you have all of your equipment, but that the equipment is fully charged and running at peak performance. That’s why the van was equipped with an onboard power inverter and extra batteries to allow for charging all of the equipment. It can charge on the road or on-site. When the van is back at the office it can be plugged in and everything will be fully charged overnight.

This van allows more equipment to be taken to a job site. Previously equipment had to be carefully selected and equipment that would have been useful might have been left behind. Now everything can come along, from drones to rovers and everything in between.


Some of the new equipment in the van is:

  • Shore power
  • Extra batteries
  • Sliding racks
  • Chargers for all equipment
  • Extra room for new technology

Now Image in Flight can travel farther and do more jobs than ever before. The Drone Whip is a game changer as it ensures everything needed and it is ready to work.  

Look for us on the road!Drone Whip - Tom

Heather Emerson-Smith


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