Tigers hunt down electronic prey March 29, 2017

Nature vs technology – Guess who wins

Tigers at the Siberian Tiger Park in Heilongjiang Province, China proved that they are still the predators we know them to be.

A drone was flown above the tiger’s enclosure to capture some aerial footage of these beautiful creatures, however the drone didn’t stay airborne for long. The pilot seemed to be a little overconfident in their flying skills and tigers did what they do best, stalked and batted the prey out of the air.  Of course they tried it eat it, but apparently Inspire 1’s don’t taste great.

Eventually the staff were able to retrieve the drone.  Before the untimely demise of the drone, it captured some amazing footage of these beautiful creatures.  

They say that drones are able to go where nothing else can, in this case that’s the center of an endangered species of tigers.

Heather Emerson-Smith


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