Oakland Aerial Photography

Oakland Aerial Photography

The Oakland Bay Area is recognized for its wondrous landmarks, beautiful skyline, and the quirky weather that flips on a dime.  It’s no wonder Oakland aerial photography is wanted and in demand for so many businesses, large gatherings, and/or private parties.

Oakland Aerial Photography

View of the Port of Oakland

Image In Flight provides Oakland aerial photography and Oakland aerial video packages for all marketing and business needs. We provide 4k resolution from 400 feet up or inches from the ground, and will meet or exceed all of your real estate, construction, agricultural, site surveying, resort and hotel advertising, search and rescue, sporting events, and university campus needs for Oakland aerial photography. Your clients and/or buddies will see your site, commercial or residential real estate property, or large event from a perspective only previously dreamed.  Our professional staff will ensure the project is done on time, the right way, the first time.

Our coverage includes Oakland architecture such as skyscrapers, historical sites landmarks, wonderful parks, naturally the Oakland Bay Bridge, Port of Oakland, Lake Merritt, and literally anywhere else in which you can possibly imagine.  Our UAV drones and helicopter provide perspectives in and around Oakland which makes birds jealous.

Oakland aerial real estate photography and video gives your commercial or residential properties the extra pizzazz needed to sell them quickly. In such a crowded and high demand industry, you listing need to stand out in order to convert. The new perspective you will grant your customers calls them to action; and that translates into big money and sales!  We all know pictures are worth a thousand words, so Oakland aerial real estate photography and video provides a massive return on investment, both in the closing price and the speed in which it sells.  For pennies on the dollar, you can see your properties fly off the market, and the money into your pocket.

Image in Flight’s high resolution Oakland aerial photography and videos can also be used for every piece and step of a construction project. We cover site survey, weekly or monthly project updates, job safety site checks, structural checks, and every other piece of your construction site project.  Be sure to see our latest project, Golden 1 Center Arena, located in Sacramento, California and home of the Sacramento Kings.


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