Country Home in California – Drone Real Estate Video – IMAGE IN FLIGHT May 18, 2016

A real estate agent in California used a drone real estate video to film a property, attract buyers and show off all the features of the home for sale in the countryside of California.

This charming home went up for sale in the countryside of California, but instead of printing another boring brochure the real estate agent used an exciting video filmed with drone to show off the property of the home for sale.

Using the drone to film the property gave potential buyers a unique view of this home and allowed the realtor to show a perspective of the house that has never been seen before. Imagine seeing the full 10 acres of the home in a short 1 and a half minute video!

Using video editing, the realtor was able to give a full description of all of the features in the home. So potential buyers don’t just get a view of the home, they get a full list of all of the amenities that the home offers.

At the end of the video the real estate broker added all her information so buyers don’t have to search to call her, the number is right in front of them.

If you want to sell your home, use a drone to capture your real estate video and attract buyers from all over.

It’s much better than a boring brochure.

Heather Emerson-Smith


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