Beautiful Drone Images February 6, 2017

One of the best part about owning a drone with a camera, is taking the most Beautiful Drone Aerial Photography shots you can imagine.

Have you ever watched a movie where the camera pans over the mountains, rolling hills, or some other wide-sweeping landscape? Drone aerial photography allows you to capture that same kind of landmark footage, that’s why so many clients seek out a professional for the shot they want.

Often time clients will come to me with a certain location in mind. I usually coach them on the best way to capture the footage they are looking for.  Will shadows, sun glare, background or obstruction interfere with the shot they are trying to capture.  One great thing about using drones, is setting up the shot several times is easy and inexpensive.  We generally shot everything at least twice just to be sure we have what we need,

We also talk about the best time of day to take the photos and the best places. As you know, location is key. Often sunrise can camouflage dry dead grass or do you want the reflection of the sun setting on the ocean.  If you know the right spot, and the right time to shoot, it’s easy to take stunning photos.

It takes a lot of planning to get the perfect shot, especially if there are several shots that a client wants. Typically I will plan out the shots backwards. So working from the very last shot backwards to the first shot. This helps to plan out the timing needed for every beauty shot. If the day ends to quickly and we don’t get that last essential shot we will have to start all over again. It’s similar to storyboarding.

If you are looking to get a beautiful drone aerial photography shot, talk to the professionals at Image In Flight.

Heather Emerson-Smith


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