Sacramento Kings New Golden 1 Center October 20, 2015

The Sacramento Kings’ new arena, The Golden 1 Center, is over a year into construction and it’s really starting to take shape. With every day that goes by, new features of this state-of-the-art arena are being put together, and the steel skeleton that encompasses four city blocks is a reminder that the future of this massive sports and entertainment center is no longer distant.

As Kings’ President Chris Granger says, “This means so much to so many people here that the weight of the responsibility is palpable.” The $507 million dollar complex is set to open in October of next year (2016), and is nearly two decades in the making.

In terms of capacity, Golden 1 Center will accommodate 17,500 NBA and collegiate basketball fans – the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has already been scheduled for the 1st and 2nd rounds of a regional in 2017 – and can be further expanded for concerts. The four levels include a lower bowl with thirty-six rows and ten-thousand seats, a loft level featuring forty-eight mini-suites at 8 persons per, the executive suite level that can fit twenty-five people each, and a more affordable upper bowl that has a 6000 person capacity with seats starting at $12, along with a sprawling bar extending around the bowl that has amazing views of the court!

Further investigation into this marvel reveals an amphitheater and outdoor plaza which holds anywhere from 5,000 – 10,000 concert goers or patrons of other events. Within a ½ mile of the complex is parking with more than 13,000 spots. The train station is two blocks away with all 3 light rail lines intersecting at 7th & K Streets.

The amazing architecture and technology involved in Sacramento’s newest wonder has future ticketholders waiting on baited breath. Utilizing 100% solar energy, a cooling system powered by recycled water, and a design which takes advantage of those cool Delta breezes, Golden 1 Center has become the de facto arena for generations to come. Finally, the seating itself is said to be very fan-friendly with the pitch not too steep, yet close to the action.

Whether you are a long-time Sacramento native or just visiting the area, The Golden 1 Center and all of its wondrous charm will more than satisfy your craving for NBA and collegiate basketball, top concerts of the season, and all other events under the Sun.



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